£45 - £60

45 min - 75 min


Modern life is tough on our skin - environmental issues, stress, lifestyle, diet and many other factors all take their toll on a daily basis.

Yet the skin is our biggest organ - so we need to look after it.

Advancing skin science and new technologies now provide real solutions, truly visible results and long-term improvement for many skin conditions.


Eye Treatments

£15 - £45

15 min - 60 min


Our eye treatments aim at enhancing and giving the eyes more definition.

An eyelash and/or eyebrow tint will bring instant emphasis to the eyes while the right eyebrow shape will open up the eyes, giving the face a dramatic lift.



£15 - £59

15 min - 90 min


We use Lycon - a superior waxing system.

Combining waxes of an exceptional quality with the use of an oil - Lycon allows the removal of hairs as short as 1mm or 2mm from the face and body delicate areas.

Thanks to the oil and low melting point - discomfort and redness are reduced to an absolute minimum.

The skin is left smooth and soft.




£30 - £60

15 min - 60 min


To calm your mind and ease your aching muscles, we offer a range of relaxing and specialised treatments.

  • To re-charge your batteries – choose from a soothing massage or more specialised indulgence such as Hot Stones, Lava Shell, Thai Herbal or Hopi Ear Candling.
  • To relieve back pain and joint issues - discover the Dorn Method.

Hands & Feet

£30 - £45

60 min - 75 min


Treat your hands and feet to an indulgent traditional pampering session with treatment masks in warming mitts or booties.

Or choose a gel lacquer manicure or pedicure for a long lasting finish.


Colour & Style


3 hours


In our Colour sessions you will discover which colours suit you best and understand why.

We also offer a full Style consultation to help you establish the best clothing style for your personality - body shape - personal preferences – budget and life-style.


Dorn & Breuss

£35 - £60

45 min - 90 min


A safe, very gentle and effective technique that helps alleviate back and joint pain by re-aligning the spine and pelvis without manipulating, “clicking or crunching” the joints.

The treatment is interactive and dynamic – the therapist uses gentle and safe techniques to apply corrections where needed while you are asked to lightly swing or move the corresponding limb.



£30 - £40

45 min - 75 min


Jane Iredale was founded in 1994 as the first makeup line with health benefits to skin.  Today, the brand is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skincare professionals the world over.

Made with pure minerals and natural plant ingredients it is free of parabens, petrochemicals, talc, artificial dyes and fragrances.  Jane Iredale products care for the skin.