Dorn & Breuss 

Both the Dorn Method and Breuss Massage are safe, gentle and effective techniques that help alleviate back and joint pain. The treatment is interactive and dynamic. I use special techniques to apply corrections where needed whilst you are asked to lightly swing or move the corresponding limb.

I am also a member of the Dorn Method Therapists Association – DMTA.

The Dorn Method

By correcting misalignments along the spine and other joints, the Dorn Method can treat many common complaints, including:

  • back and neck pain

  • headaches and migraines          

  • sciatica and joint problems.

Like many holistic therapies, the Dorn Method states that imbalances within the body are at the root of numerous health problems. Indeed, many muscles and nerve pathways controlling the function of various organs, are distributed along the spine for which the legs and pelvis provide a base to rest on. Daily life actions, such as bad posture, carrying heavy loads, tripping or falling can easily alter the leg length, causing pelvic and spinal distortions that, in the long term, lead to various health problems.

The treatment starts with checking the leg length. Most people present with one leg longer that the other. This is then gently corrected by the therapist who will also show you how you can do it yourself easily at home.

The treatment continues with the therapist checking for misalignments on the pelvis and all the way along the spine from the lumbar (lower back), the thoracic (mid back) through to the cervical (neck) vertebrae. Corrections are applied where needed, using very gentle and safe techniques, while you are asked to move the related opposite limb in order to “distract” muscles and allow the misplaced joints to slide back into place.

The Breuss Massage 

Using a special blend of oils, particularly nourishing to the inter-vertebral discs, this ultra-gentle massage softens tight muscles along the spine. It releases energy blockages to promote a sense of well-being and deep relaxation.

Devised by Rudolf Breuss, an Austrian healer, this very special massage safely stretches the spine. This helps to re-align and re-energise it. Whilst being gentle and relaxing, it is also incredibly powerful, encouraging inter-vertebral discs to “plump-back” into their normal position, re-absorbing (a bit like a sponge) the cerebrospinal fluid squeezed out when discs are compressed through various activities and movements of daily living.

The Breuss massage combines particularly well with the Dorn Treatment discussed above.

Dorn Method - Initial Consultation & Treatment | 90 min | £60.00

Follow on – Dorn alone | 45 min | £35.00 – book 6 Dorn treatments and save £20.00!

Follow on – Dorn & Breuss massage | 75 min | £60.00

Breuss Massage | 45 min | £35.00