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Regular treatments and daily care are crucial to obtain visible and healthy results – it’s like exercise, once in a while is not enough!

Sustained improvement is achieved with:
• detailed and in-depth skin analysis
• regular tailored salon treatments
• appropriate skincare recommendations and nutritional advice
• continued home use of recommended products between treatments

SKN-RG  Full Facial    | 90 min  |  £60

This indulgent treatment combines the use of products, carefully chosen for your skin’s particular needs. Using specific massage techniques – to detoxify, nourish and improve the appearance of your skin - it will make a difference both superficially and at deep cellular level. An extensive massage to the face, neck, décolleté and the top of the shoulders will leave you relaxed and refreshed, with your skin feeling plumped up and glowing.            

SKN-RG  Express Facial   | 45 min  |  £45

Time poor? You can still enjoy the benefits of a facial with this shorter but truly relaxing and effective treatment – perfect when your skin (or you!) needs a quick boost or as time efficient treat. Your skin will look radiant and you feel re-energised.

Regular treatments are essential in achieving beneficial, long lasting results


Discover SKN-RG

A British brand of certified organic and advanced botanical skincare products.

They combine top quality plant ingredients, specifically selected for their ability to energise, nourish, repair and protect the skin.

Featuring cutting-edge vegetal (dairy-free) pre- and pro- biotic complexes to promote tissue renewal and reduce inflammation.

To further enhance the intrinsic energy found in the chosen plant molecules, SKN-RG uses a unique process called SKN-RG Quanta Technology, resulting in products capable of delivering long lasting solutions at cellular level.