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Regular treatments and daily care are crucial to obtain visible and healthy results – it’s like exercise, once in a while is not enough!
Sustained improvement is achieved with:

• detailed & in-depth skin analysis
• regular tailored salon treatments
• appropriate skincare recommendations & nutritional advice
• continued home use of recommended products between treatments

Depending on your preferences, lifestyle and budget, choose between:

Pai Organic Skincare Facials


HyrdoPeptide Facials

Pai Organic Skincare Facials

Pai Organic Skincare – a professional range of top-quality certified organic and entirely natural advanced skincare - specifically formulated for the most hyper-sensitive or reactive skin and perfect for all skins!

Replenish & Rejuvenate Facial – for dry, mature and/or sensitive skin


Botanical wonder ingredients deeply condition, repair and revitalise the skin, reducing redness while boosting plumpness and hydration.

Detox & Decongest Facial – for combination, problem and/or sensitive skin copaiba & zinc

Specific organic plant extracts gently purify and rebalance congested or problem skin, improving clarity and tone, while ensuring essential moisture and mineral balance are maintained.

Regular facials undoubtedly improve the skin – additionally, regular home use of appropriate Pai products between treatments will prolong and enhance the beneficial effect of each facial. 

Pai Organic Full Facial           | 75 min | £55.00

Pai Organic Express Facial    | 40 min | £35.00

HydroPeptide Facials

Instant Results with Advanced Treatments and No Downtime!
HydroPeptide is a line of advanced bioactive skincare – bioactive signifies ingredients are active at cellular level and capable of achieving visible, long-term results.

Hydropeptide is suitable for all skin types - women and men of all ages. It offers anti-ageing solutions targeting all major skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, redness, sensitivity, acne and problem skin.

HydroPeptide Brightening Treatment               

Recommended for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne scarring, pregnancy mask, age spots, dull and/or uneven skin tone

Powerful proven natural skin brighteners combine with gentle exfoliation to help address pigmentation concerns without the need for harsh chemicals.

After just one treatment, the skin is smoother, more even, toned and radiant.

Regular treatments are essential to achieve optimum results.

HydroPeptide Signature Peptide Infusion Treatment 

Recommended for fine lines, wrinkles, dry, de-hydrated, dull, tired looking skin and all skin types to prevent or repair signs of ageing

Infuse your skin with rejuvenating peptides, vitamins and growth factors - while a two-part gentle peel lifts out surface dead skin cells and impurities, revealing fresh radiant skin.

After a single treatment, fine lines and wrinkles appear relaxed – the skin glows radiantly, looking and feeling plumped out.

HydroPeptide Full Facial           | 75 min | £65.00

HydroPeptide Express Facial    | 40 min | £45.00