Colour & Style 

We are passionate about making you feel and look better

Wearing the right clothes gives us confidence and reflects our personality. Sometimes however, we make costly mistakes by choosing the wrong colours for our skin tone and/or the wrong styles for our body shape - but we are not sure why.
This is where we can help!

We will show you in 2 separate sessions: Colour followed by Style

  •  the colours that are right for your skin tone and eyes
  •  the right style for your body shape
  •  how to maximise the clothes in your wardrobe
  •  how to look fabulous in every aspect of your daily lifestyle
  •  how easy it is to wear make-up every day no matter how busy you are

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In this very enjoyable session – you will:

  • Discover which colours suit you best and understand why
  • Have light day make-up applied in your colours (ladies only!)
  • Find out your best colours in order of importance
  • Learn how to select the right accessories
  • Learn how to use all this information on a daily basis

At the end of the session, you will receive a personalised portfolio with your colours and all the relevant information to help you with future shopping.

Full colour consultation | 3 hrs | £150.00

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In this equally enjoyable session – we will:

  • Establish your style personality - personal preferences - and life-style
  • Establish your body shape
  • How to choose the most flattering style of clothes for your body shape
  • Learn about lines, their visual effects and how to use them most effectively
  • Learn how to correct proportions and use accessories
  • Establish routines of how to use all this information on a daily basis.

At the end of the session, you will receive a portfolio with personalised information to help you with your future shopping.

Full style consultation | 3 hrs | £150.00