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My name is Bénédicte – I was born in Geneva, living with my family until meeting my English husband, moving to the UK in 1989.

Passionate about making you look and feel better

Naturally interested in clothes, accessories, cosmetics and all things feminine, I decided to become an image consultant in 2005 - aiming to help others feel more confident about themselves. 

It is a fact that wearing the right clothes and accessories, in the right colours with the right hair style - gives us confidence in every aspect of daily life and makes us happy.


Skin & Healthy Eating

Image training naturally led me towards beauty therapy - I felt the need to learn more about caring for the skin. I trained and qualified as a beauty and holistic therapist in 2006-2007, completing the VTCT Levels 2 & 3 programmes - subsequently adding more qualifications over the years.

My work in beauty and holistic therapies revived a strong interest in nutrition as well as a more natural approach to skincare. I am convinced that eating healthily is vitally important and achievable - without becoming obsessed and burdened by too many restrictions. 

Wanting to be able to give proper nutritional advice in my daily work, I have enrolled on a course to become a nutritional advisor, starting in Autumn 2017.


I firmly believe that we need to minimise the amount of chemicals we put on our skin and am passionate about using and finding the most advanced natural and organic skincare to use on my clients (and myself!).